on maple-glazed carrots.

These neon-colored roots are a staple in our refrigerator, mainly because they are cheap, last forever, and pretty good for you with all that beta-carotene in them. Mostly, they wind up blended in our smoothies, but sometimes I cook a batch as a side dish. And cooking carrots is probably better for you, anyway, because it helps your body absorb those carotenoids (that may not be the correct spelling!), as long as you aren’t boiling them and dumping off the water, which is basically tossing out the nutrients. And carrots, as you probably know, are really good for your eye and skin health, since the beta-carotene turns into vitamin A.

This is what I put in my pot of maple-glazed carrots last night (but keep in mind, all measurements are approximate, as I hate measuring):

~two cups of sliced carrots 

~two tablespoons of butter

~one tablespoon of orange juice (freshly squeezed if you’ve got it)

~a big pinch each of cinnamon, ground ginger, and cloves

~salt to taste

~one to two tablespoons of maple syrup

Melt your butter in a saucepan, add the carrots, OJ, and spices, and cover. Simmer, still covered, until the carrots are getting tender, stirring every so often. If you cut them in fat chunks, you’ll need to add a little water to the pot, too, but it will cook off. You just don’t want your saucy stuff sticking and burning on the bottom of your pan. Anyway, then add your maple syrup, simmer uncovered until the glaze is kind of thick, and you’re done! Super easy. 

Happy carrot-cooking!



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