on morning drinkies.

Besides smoothies, and a few cups of coffee, we’ve added a few additional drinkies to our morning repertoire: 

Maca tea, for starters, is what I’ve been drinking. The more I research this powdered little tuber, the more I have great respect for it, gross though it may be. Maca powder is actually really good for keeping your hormones in check (and boosting libido, if you need that). I’ve been drinking a teaspoon mixed in hot herbal tea each morning, since I’m currently on the pill, but I plan to go off birth control and keep up the maca-drinking habits. This may have totally been my imagination, but I swear when I drank maca every day during my placebo week, I didn’t have any cramps (I normally have debilitating ones and down an embarrassing amount of ibuprofen). Maca gets clumpy in tea, though, so I recommend letting it steep (the herbal kind can steep for five or ten minutes, which seems to me good), and then I whisk in my tablespoon. You’ll need a bit of raw honey, too!

This technically isn’t a totally new drink, but we have added kefir to our breakfast smoothie blend. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can probably find a bottle lurking in the refrigerated foods section at your grocery store (unless you’re super hardcore, and make your own). It’s kind of like effervescent runny yogurt, but tangier. It’s also practically lactose-free, which is how a few bottles wound up in our fridge. 

You can get kefir in a lot of different flavors, but I’d recommend sticking with plain, and avoiding all the added sugar and other things they add in that you don’t need. You can make your own fruit-flavored kefir at home, anyway, if you drink it by itself and don’t sneak it in a smoothie. And kefir packs a more powerful healthy-bacterial punch than yogurt, so I think, as far as dairy products go, we’re sticking with this one. Kefir actually helps Timothy’s stomach issues, which is a big deal in our house!

I would recommend, if you are, too, a smoothie drinker in the morning, reducing the amount of dark leafy greens you put in your smoothie if you use kefir as a base. I love our kale, but kale and kefir are not, at least in my mouth, BFFs. 

Besides maca powdered tea and kefired smoothies, we’ve also been consuming two cups of gelatinous hot toddies a day (one in the morning and one at night). Gelatin has a lot of protein and collagen and amino acids (I think), and who doesn’t want more of that? I’m hoping to see a difference in my skin and hair, and a difference in Timothy’s gut. But anyway. We get the kosher, grassfed beef kind, I think the brand is Great Lakes. You’ll have to mix your tablespoon in a bit of cool water first, stir it up really well (it will turn the water to Jello), and then add hot water from your tea kettle to top it off. We also sweeten it with honey, add a few drops of lemon essential oil, and sometimes a few shakes of good cinnamon. It takes the icky taste out.

Well, there you have it! It’s a lot to drink, I know, but if you start out your day early and with a cup of maca and herbal tea, a glass of probiotic-laced smoothie, a mug of black coffee, and a hot cinnamon-lemon gelatin-toddy, you’re most likely off to a good start.

Happy morning drinking!


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