on quick breakfasts.

We’ve probably been consuming smoothies in some form or another for breakfast every single day for the past, I don’t know, eight months maybe? It’s a habit. In our pantry, you’ll always find bags of smoothie-goodies: seeds, raw honey, coconut oil, maca powder, dried berries, etc. I wouldn’t consider our habits part of a diet, as I think going on a diet just makes you feel guilty when you cheat, but we do try to eat as mindfully as possible. Sometimes that just means being aware that we’re not consuming the best food ever, but awareness is still valuable! 

Anyway, when we took off to Australia, I tried to cram as much health as I could into our luggage. As many essential oils as would fit in our quart-sized ziploc, baggies of fermented cod liver oil capsules, a to-go container of coconut oil (you can seriously use that stuff for everything). But I couldn’t bring our Vitamix, obviously, and so we ate out a lot. 

After coming home, I thought we’d be back to normal. And spend a week or so detoxing.

But I wasn’t counting on being as jet-lagged as we are, and I forgot that we don’t have any groceries, and there are more important things looming before me (like the mass of sandy laundry stinking up our not-unpacked luggage. Side note–we busted the wheels on all three of our suitcases. What a nightmare).

So here is what, for the past couple of days, we’ve had for breakfast: gluten-free toast smothered in coconut oil, raw honey, and enough chia seeds to make it all super crunchy. Washed down with a cup of maca powdered-OJ.

And you know what? I’m not going to feel guilty about eating toast. It’s fast. It’s not too bad. If we had bananas, I might try chopping one up over the toast, too. Or maybe adding cinnamon–the good kind, no cheapies. To make a long story short, that’s my suggestion if you need a fast brekkie.

Happy diet-cheating, or toast-eating, or whatever you may find yourself doing!




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