on the night circus.

It’s a book, by Erin Morgenstern, about a circus of dreams. Or dreamers. I can’t remember which.

To me, it was more nightmare than dream. Possibly because I have been stranded for several hours, and will be stranded several more, in LAX, waiting on a plane that was delayed by all the bad weather today, and I’m grumpy, and it will be Thursday night before we reach our final destination.

Anyway, the Night Circus revolves around an interesting idea, but it reads more like an outline of a piece that would have served far better as a short story than an actual novel. It’s populated with too many characters, and it’s patched together with a bunch of hasty, non-linear scenes. Some written awkwardly in second person, the rest just written awkwardly.

I’m being completely honest. I downloaded this book on Kindle to read while we travel, so I had no idea what the Night Circus was supposed to be about, and once I got started I couldn’t even tell the primary from the secondary characters. I kept cheering for the wrong folks.

I’ll try to summarize: two old and obviously demented magicians pit their pupils against each other in a never-ending battle of the magics. Actually, it’s more of a competition–who can outdo the other in spells and charms–than a battle. And it all takes places over many, many years–during which the characters (except children) never age or change–at the Night Circus, a black-and-white nocturnal carnival. The two competing magicians eventually fall into passionate, chandelier-shaking love.

I can’t remember what happens after that. I think the only thing I remember is that the Night Circus is supposed to be so magical and enchanting and always smells like caramel and smoke.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that, if you read it, you like the Night Circus better than I did.

Also, happy hump day!


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