on chicken soup.

Unfortunately, as soon as Christmas passed, I was struck with some kind of illness, and it appears that it will not go away before New Year’s Eve. This made me angry, of course, because I pride myself on trying to be as healthy as possible (although I do still nurture a penchant for good chocolate). And I haven’t been sick in so long I can’t remember being sick.

But alas, everyone I know has come down with the sniffles, and now it’s hit me, too. I’ve been downing teaspoons of elderberry syrup, taking Vitamin C supplements, drinking hot herbal tea with local honey and a lot of (good–not cheapy) cinnamon…I’ve even been downing raw garlic (which made me dry heave the first time I tried it) and once I wrapped my feet in garlic and onions, but I’m not sure what that did besides make our bedroom reek. Anyway, I’m still congested, but I do believe I’m on the road to recovery.

The good news is this: my wonderful husband made me chicken soup! And it has nourished me every day of my sickness.

Here is what he used and how he made it:

~ two split chicken breasts

~ 32 ounces of chicken broth (one box)

~ two chopped onions

~ four chopped carrots

~ four chopped celeries

~ four minced cloves of garlic

~ several bay leaves

~ a good amount of basil and oregano, or whatever herbs you like (those are just my fave)

~ salt and pepper, to taste

In a large pot, cover the chicken breasts with the broth. If it doesn’t cover them, add enough cold water so that they’re submerged. Simmer, covered, for several hours–we did four, at least. The longer, the better. Just make sure you aren’t boiling your chicken! A nice slow, soft simmer is all you need.

When the chicken is done, take it out of the broth to cool and add everything else to the pot. Simmer the veggies, covered, over medium heat until they’re done (I don’t like mine mushy, so it doesn’t take too long). When the chicken has cooled slightly, pull it off the bone and shred it, then add it back to the bot, and heat it all back up. Voila! That’s all. So simple. You could always add hot sauce if you want a kick, but I think it’s yummy as is.

Happy Holidays!


One thought on “on chicken soup.

  1. Heehee on wrapping your feet in garlic and onions — I’ve tried that! It didn’t seem to do much other than wreck my socks — I was also slightly worried about burning my feet. You might try Super Tonic, though — I just put down an illness using it this past weekend and posted about it. It works often for me.

    And yes, chicken soup rocks and sounds soooo good right now. I was craving it a few days ago — this is one of those folk tales that seems true, I think it really does help a cold/flu. Feel better!

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