on sweet potato smoothies.

Kind of an odd concept, when we’ve gotten so used to our same ol’ same ol’ kale-fruit-seed combo. But I have to admit, the sweet potato smoothie Timothy and I tried was a nice (and very fluorescent) change of pace.

At some point when sweet potatoes were on sale, I stocked up and never ate them, so we decided to bake them all and then try them for breakfast. We typically try to make three servings of smoothie (one for me, two for Timothy), so you can adjust this recipe to fit your serving needs. All the amounts are estimated anyway.

We combined these in a blender:

~two cups of OJ

~one baked sweet potato (peeled, obviously)

~one teaspoon of fresh minced ginger (or less, if you’re not a fan of ginger–it gives a good kick)

~half a cup (at least) of fresh cranberries

~one handful of pumpkin seeds

~three pitted dates

~one spoonful of local honey

~one apple

~two chopped carrots



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