on detox baths.

I’m not sure this was such a good idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bath. In fact, I’d probably take one every night if I could; I am so cold-natured I never feel warm in the winter, and I also love relaxing. I never get tired of hunkering down in a hot lavender- or juniper-scented bath, a candle lit somewhere nearby, with a glass of girly pink wine and a magazine I don’t mind splashing water on.

A detox bath, however, is not nearly so enjoyable.

I like being warm, mind you, but I thought my insides were cooking when I detox-bathed. The ginger, and maybe even the salt, made the water feel infinitely hotter than it actually was, and it turned my skin bright pink. I sweated so much. I hate sweating; I’ve only sat in a sauna maybe three minutes of my life, and it was horrible. 

But I saw in that murky mess for a solid hour, occasionally turning the faucet back on to fill up the tub (ours is a bit leaky, but it also helped me keep the water near boiling). I’m not sure how many toxins left my body, because the bathwater was swirling with undissolved ginger, but I like to imagine it was a lot. 

If you are brave enough to try a detox bath, here is what I did:

I combined two cups of Epsom salts, one cup of baking soda, and about three tablespoons of ground ginger in steaming bathwater, as hot as I could stand it. I had fresh ginger I could have grated myself, so I might try that next time.

Happy detox-bathing on this blustery Black Friday!




3 thoughts on “on detox baths.

  1. I take detox baths too! Yes, if the water is too hot they can be exhausting and draining, and I always sweat. Sometimes I push it, sometimes I don’t. I think it’s still effective but less extreme with just very warm water. I use baking soda and sea salt, 1 cup each. As a bonus the baths make my skin look amazing. I may try the ginger someday if I am feeling extra adventurous.

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